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Incidental Music
Excerpts from THE PANIC OF '29 incidental musicBarrett Riggins
00:00 / 04:20

from Max Friedman's production of Graham Techler's THE PANIC OF '29, produced at 59E59 by Less Than Rent in July 2022.

THEY, B, C's synth pop underscoreBarrett Riggins
00:00 / 02:38

from THEY, B, C's, an ongoing web series created by trans activist Zinzer Jay about LGBQT+ language and history. All episodes are available here.

Excerpt from TROUT STANLEY incidental musicBarrett Riggins
00:00 / 01:21

from Leia Squillace's immersive production of Claudia Dey's TROUT STANLEY, produced by HERd in March 2020.

Theme from APOLOGIABarrett Riggins
00:00 / 00:46

from Clark Houston Lewis's production of Alexi Kaye Campbell's APOLOGIA, produced by Roustabout Theater in March 2022.

Excerpt from FALSE NOTE scoreBarrett Riggins
00:00 / 00:43

from FALSE NOTE, a short dramatic film written and directed by Eve Rouverol, shot in July 2020.

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